Celebrating Equal Pay Day

March 12, 2024

The fight for pay equity across the nation is ongoing. Equal Pay Day was established by the National Committee on Pay Equity in 1996 to raise public awareness about the wage gap between men and women. Statistics show that pay equity may not be achieved until 2059, which seems both startling and unjust.

On average, the wage gap costs women hundreds of thousands of dollars over their lifetime. For women of color, the gap is even larger, resulting in over $1 million in lost wages for Latine/Latinx and Black women. This inequality makes it much harder for women to afford health care, childcare, and other essential expenses, perpetuating a cycle of financial instability and limiting their ability to participate in economic and social opportunities fully.

At Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest, we believe that all people — regardless of gender, race, or background — should receive equal compensation for equal work. The philosophy behind our compensation efforts is to foster workplace equity by aligning pay and benefit structures with our Agency’s mission and values. 

PPPSW is working to support the economic well-being of staff by setting and annually adjusting a wage floor, subsidizing benefits costs for lower-wage staff, making dependent health care more affordable and making career growth more accessible. Careers with PPPSW offer competitive compensation consistent with industry standards, and our pay scales are researched regularly and with care. Compensation is commensurate with experience, and in alignment with job descriptions. We evaluate job roles and responsibilities solely based on the requirements and expectations of the position, and it is our goal to attract and retain top talent. 

Further, we believe in being open and honest about pay. Employees will always have access to the pay range for their role upon being hired, which is determined based on a combination of comparable market based pay data from reliable compensation surveys and internal evaluation. While fair compensation is essential, a supportive culture is also crucial. We work to foster an environment where all employees feel empowered and valued. PPPSW managers provide mentorship and help employees collaborate and develop new skills.In addition to equal pay, we offer generous benefits like paid time off, medical, dental and vision insurance, a 401 matching program, educational assistance, access to 1:1 mental health support/life coach support, and more.  

Explore our positions and be part of our team.

Do you want a job where you can make a real difference in people’s lives? Somewhere that offers fair compensation and career growth no matter your gender or background? Look no further than PPPSW. Explore our open positions across the organization in health care, public policy, education, and more. Thank you for considering Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest. We are thrilled that you are interested in building a future where everyone has the opportunity to choose their own path to a healthy and meaningful life.

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