The Future is Inclusive


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is an agency-wide priority.

Our goal is to provide quarterly updates to help you hold us accountable to our commitments.

Recent Successes

Pay Equity Analysis and Roll-out

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council

Each year the DEI Council rotate members from every position in the organization to join an existing team of diverse individuals who provide advice, guidance and insight to the Equity and Belonging Steering Committee regarding the organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion work.

Pay Equity Analysis and Roll-out

Pay Equity and Pay Transparency

We engaged outside auditors to evaluate our pay structures and policies for equity. Over the last few months, all employees were trained on how compensation is decided for new hires, salary increases and promotions. Additionally, we released pay transparency for all positions within PPPSW and a handbook was developed that will outline the process and provide responses to frequently asked questions.

Pay Equity Analysis and Roll-out

Healthy Equity Project

We kicked off a project to map “the state of health equity” at PPPSW- digging into data about our patients. Our goal is to identify, prioritize and then decide how to address any disparities in access, outcomes and experience among Black, indigenous and people of color as well as young patients (under 25) and patients who report same-sex partners.

We have looked at internal data about our own patients’ access, outcomes and experience to identify gaps between race, gender, sexual orientation, age or regional groups. We’re now focused on how to infuse this data into existing projects and decision-making processes.

Pay Equity Analysis and Roll-out

Identity Observances

Over the past few months ERG staff representing AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander), Black, Mental Wellness and LGBTQ planned and facilitated a myriad of events to raise awareness, increase staff engagement and celebrate the rich diversity within
the organization. The observances included open dialogues, learning sessions, movie viewings and book discussions.

Pay Equity Analysis and Roll-out

Crisis Response Listening Circles

The DEI team facilitated Listening Circles to assist staff in processing the shootings that took place recently in our country. The Circles included participants from all work groups to include health center, program and support staff.

Pay Equity Analysis and Roll-out

Top Diversity Employer 2022

Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest is proud to announce that we have been named Top Diversity Employer by Circa Diversity Jobs. This award was given to employers that have shown consistent dedication to recruiting and hiring from all diversity groups. We are excited to continue advancing and promoting DEI in the workplace.


Pay Equity Analysis and Roll-out

DEI Rounding

The DEI team is currently conducting rounding at the health centers. This is an informal process where we briefly check-in with staff to get to know them better and to ask questions about how their work is going. The goal of DEI rounding is to provide an opportunity for staff to share what’s on their mind regarding DEI, and for members of the DEI Team to have an opportunity to hear thoughts or concerns directly from staff.

Pay Equity Analysis and Roll-out

DEI Accreditation Indicators

Planned Parenthood Federation of America has created new DEI-related accreditation indicators that we must meet in order to stay a Planned Parenthood affiliate. Our next accreditation is scheduled for early 2023; we are building a plan to meet all indicators this year.

Pay Equity Analysis and Roll-out

Agency-Wide Equity and Belonging Objectives

This document reflects the equity and belonging work needed to meet our FY 2023-2025 strategic plan goals. It provides guidance and oversight for the objectives and it is supported by detailed department and project workplans.

Pay Equity Analysis and Roll-out

ERG Support

The DEI team is extending additional support by developing ERG specific HUB pages; formalizing the escalation of ideas/input generated by ERGs and piloting “Paylocity Community” for better communication within and among the groups.

Coming Soon

Pay Equity Analysis and Roll-out

Solidarity Convening

This is an intentional and dedicated space created for staff who identify as People of Color to engage, build skills, and network with other PPFA People of Color across the Federation. The convening includes, workshops, dialogues and training sessions that lift up and model our workplace value of Respect and Honor All People. Staff have been invited to attend the live virtual event or to view the recorded sessions on their own time for overtime pay.

Pay Equity Analysis and Roll-out

Unconscious Bias and Microaggression e-learnings

Both of these trainings were originally offered to staff in a live remote environment. They are being converted into e-learnings and will be accessible for new staff and for staff who want to review parts or all of the content at a time of their choosing.


Cultivating Self-Growth

Definition: Our leaders identify opportunities for growth and commit to them. We take time to reflect on our actions and impact, with an eye toward curiosity, humility, and self-care. We understand that the mission and business are stronger when we engage in our own evolution.

  • cultivating-self-growth
  • Skills:
    Practice self-reflection, vulnerability, and learning

    Model self-care and wellbeing

    Explore how you handle conflict

    Learn with your team


Investing in Our People

Definition: Our leaders nourish and support their teams as they navigate challenges connected to Planned Parenthood’s bold mission. We make our people feel seen, heard, and appreciated. We ensure people enjoy the benefits of feedback, coaching, and learning opportunities.

  • Investing-in-our-people
  • Skills:

    Create a culture of learning

    Give and receive feedback

    Hold each other accountable

    Convey care and appreciation for others


Leading with Empathy

Definition: Our leaders respect the journeys of others by listening deeply, being present, and sharing information generously and appropriately. We value the full spectrum of opinions and honor different backgrounds and experiences. We recognize that privilege and oppression affect our teams and communities. We put stakeholders at the center of decisions that may affect them.

  • Skills:

    Listen and engage thoughtfully

    Be kind

    Create an environment that engages all identities and experiences


Championing Equity and Access

Definition: Our leaders embrace equity in all facets of our work in order to propel the organization upward. We strive to provide inclusive, stigma-free healthcare and education for our patients and communities. We engage in equity-focused advocacy and listen to and partner with reproductive, racial, and social justice movements. We practice cultural humility and seek to combat all forms of oppression, including white supremacy and misogyny.

  • championing-equity-and-access
  • Skills:

    Work equitably

    Invest in equity

    Engage in intentional external partnerships

    Always be learning


Charting a Path

Definition: Our leaders provide a compelling, logical, and clear path forward in the best interest of the organization and our stakeholders. We are ambitious in our vision, we find teachable moments, and we unite multiple backgrounds and build on different skill sets to create ways forward for our organization.

  • charting-a-path
  • Skills:

    Create a compelling, logical, and clear path forward

    Communicate the path forward

    Walk the path with agility and learning


Stewarding Our Business

Definition: Our leaders seek the knowledge necessary to grow and maintain a thriving business. We are data-driven, financially adept, transparent, and operationally excellent. We continuously improve and adapt, and don’t shy away from hard conversations or decisions in order to best deliver on our promises to employees, patients, and stakeholders.

  • stewarding-our-business
  • Skills:

    Make the business as transparent as possible

    Break down silos

    Foster business stewardship


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