Introducing Our Stellar Talent Strategy Team!

August 7, 2023

Welcome to our newly revamped “Meet Our Team” page – head over to PPPSW Careers and meet the talented and dedicated team that can propel you towards a fulfilling career with Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest (PPPSW). This is a chance to get a closer look at the extraordinary people who work tirelessly to positively impact our organization, our culture, and the high level of education and care we provide to our communities. 

The PPPSW Talent Strategy Team is committed to ensuring that every applicant is treated fairly and that all hiring practices are fair and equitable. Through their tireless and continuing efforts, they are helping to diversify our organization’s talent pool further and create an environment where all are welcome, and everyone feels supported.   

Here are some of the ways they are making a difference:

  • They provide hiring workshops focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion. These aim to reduce unconscious bias so that all job seekers get a fair chance, regardless of background.   
  • They have championed to remove the pre-employment personality surveys that often eliminated qualified candidates from underrepresented groups. This will allow for a more inclusive hiring process. 
  • They promote pay transparency to ensure fair wages for all employees. This allows people to make informed decisions about applying and ensures that skills are fairly compensated.    

The efforts of our Talent Strategy team have set a high standard for talent acquisition and onboarding that others should follow. They strive to continuously improve their impact and keep ahead of trends and best practices to bring forward the best candidates who share our values and mission.  

Remember, whatever role you’re interested in, when you join PPPSW, you’re not just joining an organization; you’re becoming part of a purpose-driven team that champions your progress, a place where you can thrive, and your unique skills and perspectives are valued. Your career aspirations are at the heart of our efforts, and with our Talent Strategy Team leading the way, we are confident that your career with us will be nothing short of exceptional. 

So, head over to our revamped “Meet Our Team” page to find the faces and stories that power the Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest Talent Strategy team. And connect with them to explore a meaningful mission-driven career with our organization.   

Together, we are rewriting the narratives of success and shaping a brighter, better future of health care. Let’s embrace the possibilities together.  

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