Clinician Training Record

  • Guides and monitors the Trainee’s progress through Clinician Onboarding
  • Indicates the time frame in which tasks should be completed and skills should be developed so the Trainee stays on track and completes Clinician Onboarding on schedule
  • Group competency areas according to three time frames
    • Week 1
    • Weeks 2-3
    • Weeks 4-10
  • Defines five levels of competency attainment

VAK Learning Self-Assessment

  • Completed by both the Clinician Trainer and Trainee
  • Identifies preferred learning styles so the Clinician Trainer can adapt their style to meet the Trainee’s learning needs

Classroom Learning

  • Hands-on group and individual activities
  • Discussion-based, experiential learning
  • Microscopy practice
  • High-fidelity ultrasound and IUC procedure simulations
  • Accredited content to earn continuing education credits

Weekly Feedback Form

  • Completed by both the Clinician Trainer and Trainee
  • Assesses several skill and productivity areas
  • Structures a weekly conversation between the Trainee and Clinician Trainer about the Trainee’s progress through Clinician Onboarding

Transition out of Training Center Checklist

  • Helps the Trainee transition effectively to the health centers where they will work following the initial onboarding experience
  • Specifies the components of an effective transition
    • Identify skills on Clinician Training Record requiring sign off and recording those skills on the Clinician Training Record Addendum
    • Review the Request for Clinical Privileges and discussing the process and timeframe for completion
    • Meet with the Clinician Trainer, Trainee, and the Trainee’s Lead Clinician to review the outstanding skills requiring sign off and to discuss the Trainee’s onboarding experience
    • Visit the health centers where the Trainee will work in the coming month
    • Touch base with the Clinician Trainer after leaving the training center

Orient to Other Health Centers Checklist

  • Helps the Trainee acclimate to a different health center following the initial onboarding experience
  • Prompts the Trainee to ask questions and learn about operational nuances and differences among different health centers

Onboarding Follow-up

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